Weekly Cornetto – 2 weeks to Spartan Night Race


It all started on christmas last year and now, almost 4 months later, only 2 weeks are left until the spartan night race will take place in st. pölten – the capital of lower austria. It´s been a hard time to start from zero to come up to a level, where I think I might be able to compete or finally pass the race without giving up. Sport always have been part of my life and I´m sure it will stay an important part. By running another almost 10k training with 10 burbees each 1k and 5 climbers all 5k you get a lot things in your mind. The sad thing is, that we are currently not stoping to ruin our planet. You have to see the look from my trainingsroute over to the beautiful mountain called säntis in east switzerland, currently still covered with a little bit of snow. Living here is a privilege – my mother living only 200km north of us haven´t seen rain since ages. It´s the second year in a row, they suffer from missing rain in the spring time. And trust me, the summer was hot and dry too. I think I´m well educated (if you believe in the current sience) and beside this, I always try to use my “common sense” to judge my environment and the last years I can see and feel the temperature raising, things in nature start more early. My wife and me try to contribute and still we see, that old monarchs, dictators and presidents take decisions that the will – because of their age – not be effected by.

Looking at the time when I was young I remember watching star trek and other scifi shows which had like “beamers” – “video telefony” – “ionic engines” and so on. All of this enters our life, the only thing which is sadly not happening is the union of the humans on earth. We only have one earth and of course a single generation will not destroy our nature… or maybe we are the generation where this eventually happens.

Just like with the spartan race I prepared for – it´s time to act. Only I could prepare myself for this race and I will keep going to train and I will keep going to take responsibility about my relation with nature. And just like with the beginning of my training in january – I was slow, it was hard and it felt like I´m not progressing. After “only” 4 monts, 4 kilo less of weight and my heart beeing able to deliver energy in an acceptable range – it´s working and getting better, so let´s do this for our planet to.