Iterating and adapting


As Sprint 7 and 8 have worked out really fine, at the end of Sprint 8 a little bit of a storming phase appeared. Some of the team members are questioning if the supplier for the basic input will still be able to deliver in the promised amount and way. And a new actor has joined the stage who is buying in at the same supplier but has a little different business model. So seeing the latest development the team took the chance in the sprint planning for Sprint 9 to organize the backlog and prioritise the future handling of the input model. The main goal was to understand the situation and see what are the interest of the old and new supplier – we were so happy to understand that the new supplier never ment to take over the old input supplier, he is only interested on helping peaks and if needed building an extended stock.

Next to building the supply chain, some of the stakeholders (grandparents) contacted the team to ask for more communication and the latest situation. They ensured they believe in the teams capabilities to solve all upcoming challenges and they are only interested in seeing the fast envolving Seraphine.

In Sprint 10 one of the teammembers reallized, that the product launch was suprisingly quick and some technical debt was carried in the back that needs some more attention. By identifing the technical debt, the team has now defined a couple of stories to solve those issues and plan in extra time.

Ceromenies are getting more and more important and next to the sprint planning and the sprint review a daily is beeing hold. This allows the team much better to communicate what goes awesome, who needs support and if their are blockers around.

As the product envolves the more team members are looking for a way to track the development of the latest sprints – along with basic facts like weight and how much in- and output has been created more complex measures are beeing introduced wich need more complex interfaces like e.g. measuring the blood sugar. Although we got to have an extensive exchange with the nursery scrum team that helped to read the initial graphs better.

The small drop of weight after initial product release is absolutely normal, so no worries if you can see a small move downside. The srum team has decided to continue to improve the monitoring taking care of relevance, cost and need.