Baby Scrum Retrospective


Sprint 13 started with very good news, the product is developing according to international accepted benchmark in her best way. Anyhow, due to the fast product development lunch, some special tasks entered the backlog. So the newest prio one task was to get some warm and best wool made clothes to deliver heat in the needed specs. Even to tease what happened in Sprint 16 – discussing this issue open in the daily let some gardians here the problem too and they figured out that one of the nursery teams grandmothers could help out this situation spontanius. We started with 4 sets of wool pants, socks and pullovers that will kickstart the situation and allows the scrum team do build ongoing solutions on this stable fundament. We are gracefull to the grandmother and the nurseryteam to support the fresh scrum team.

At the beginning of Sprint 14 the nursery scrum team introduced us to a new memeber that is currently in the on boarding process and wanted to took the chance to learn by sharing time and experience with the baby scrum team. One of our team memebers was overwomed by this spontanios integration and not comfortable at all. As we have already learned so much from the nursery scrum team, we took the chance for a joined retrospective to express our feelings and to solve the bad feelings. Within this retrospective all missunderstandings have been solved and the new team member of the nursery scrum team will enhance her skills fast.

During Sprint 14 a photographer has been send from the marketing team to take some pictures of the latest product to share with the stakeholders and for documentation purposes. We knew that this will happen, not exactly when and as our sprints are already packed with improving the current stories, the teammembers were stressed and velocity dropped. At the end, the work of the marketing team is amazing and the presentation at the Sprintreview of Sprint 15 a full success.

With the introduction of the internal KPI’s we reallized that our scrum team isn’t the first to meassure it’s quality and success. We didn’t understand why but with the beginning of Sprint 16 everyone who participated at the product launch wanted the feedback of the scrum team. While the team took speed and was able to deliver more and more stories from the Backlog, this slowed us down on a dramatic way.

During Sprint 17 the basic input made a big step forward, all of the sudden the supplier has full stock, even a little bit to much, that the doors to the stock and sales point can only be passed with the experience of the nursery scrum team. Luckily they could although ensure that this situation will be solved in a couple of sprints when the excitement of “beeing able to deliver just in time” has calmed down and faith of the strenghts.

As of the number of growing input, the output gets more and more too – as this is related to more effort, the team realized that the product theming may get more and more relevant. Due to it’s early stage the team relized that the offert on matching themes isn’t that big – even if you ignore the styling, the functional requirements hardly didn’t match any of the offerts.